Lab Alumni

To provide you with the best understanding of potential connections and careers possible, we continue to gather data regarding the positions held by former lab members. Thank you for your patience as we continue to update this page!


If you have worked in the Talaat Lab and would like to be represented on this page, please contact a current lab member!

Graduate Students

Mostafa Hanafy, PhD, MVSc

Photo of Mostafa HanafyGraduate Student, CBMS (2017-2022)
Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Nebraska

Hazem Abdelaal, PhD, MVSc

Graduate Student, CBMS (2014 – 2020)
Current Position: Post-doctoral Fellow at Seattle Children’s Research Institute – Center for Global Infectious Diseases

Shaswath Sekar Chandrasekar, PhD

Photo of Shaswath Sekar Chandrasekar

Graduate Student, CBMS (2017 – 2022)
Current Position: Consultant at ClearView Healthcare Partners


Akanksha Thukral

Graduate Student (-)
Current Position:

Sarah Ward

Graduate Student (-)
Current Position:

Research Scientists

Hassanein Abozeid, PhD, MVSc

Photo of Hassanein AbozeidPost-doctoral Research Associate (Sept 2021- Jan 2023)
Current Position: Post-doctoral Research Associate with the Kawoaka Lab

Chia-wei Wu, PhD

Assistant Researcher (2015 – 2022); Postdoctoral Associate (2010 – 2011); Graduate Student (CBMS)
Current Position:

Amanda Venturino, MSc

Research Assistant (2016 – 2018)
Current Position: Animal Research Safety Specialist at University of Wisconsin – Madison

Visiting Scholars

Sherein Abdelgayed, PhD, MSc

Visiting Fulbright Scholar (2021-2022)
Current Position: Professor of Veterinary Pathology at Cairo University


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Zeinab Ibrahim Ali, PhD

Visiting Scholar (2016-2018)
Current Position: Assistant Professor in Food Hygiene at Cairo University

Undergraduate & High School Students

Sara Yavas

Undergraduate Researcher
(Summer 2022)
Institution at Time of Internship:
UC Berkeley

Future Plans:
Sara plans to pursue a career in research after graduating with the potential to go to graduate school.

“My summer at Talaat lab gave me great hands-on biology experience. I got to see the sort of research done in a real biology lab, learned about virology and bacteriology, and learned many new lab techniques and skills by engaging in experiments. The lab team was very welcoming and I enjoyed working with and learning from them.”

Osama Fattouh

Undergraduate Researcher (Spring 2020-Spring 2022)
Institution at Time of Internship: UW-Madison

Tarek Fattouh

Undergraduate Researcher (Fall 2021 – Spring 2022)
Institution at Time of Internship: UW-Madison

“My experience in the Talaat lab gave me tremendous exposure to research work as well as hands on experience working in a lab setting. I was able to grow my lab skills and learn about various techniques that aren’t normally seen in a typical classroom setting.”

Krithi Gopinath

High School Research Intern (Summer 2021)
Institution at Time of Internship: Germantown High School

Future Plans: Krithi is interested in the field of neurology/neurobiology.

“My experience in the Talaat lab sparked my interest in biology and allowed me to explore a career in research, which was something I was not previously considering. It also provided me with an opportunity to study in a lab setting, which is an experience that is usually not available to high school students. Dr. Talaat and the students were also incredibly welcoming and supportive of my future studies.”